Her Ending

She gently fell asleep to end the pain and swift decline. That was it. Suddenly, our beautiful girl no longer was, and our grief was immense.

We knew it was time. The vet knew, too, and agreed it was time. It's the worst "right" decision we've ever made. It tore our hearts out to even make the decision. The call first thing in the morning. Terrible. Scheduling a death. Scheduling that forever sleep for Balu.

She fell asleep so quickly. No resistance at all. Even our vet and his assistant were surprised at how accepting she was to fall asleep. She'd reached the end of her journey with us. She was so very tired.

Now, our tear-filled immediate future must be carved without her omnipresence. She was always there. Always. Naps. Meals. Dancing. Bedtimes. Backyard BBQs.

Her photos will enrich our lives, now, in her absence. We won't be able to enjoy her cackling at the outdoor birds. Asking for her morning meal. Happily purring on our chests while we all drift to sleep for the evening.

She was so peaceful after so much struggle and decline during the final five months. We can find comfort in that fact. She had so many good days that we thought she'd rebound and manage to be with us for some time longer. That reality wasn't in the cards.

We miss you, Balu.

We hope you knew how happy you made us.

We'll never forget you.

We love you so much.

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